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Haruhito Amano 12%  12%  [ 5 ]
Satoru Kamagari 14%  14%  [ 6 ]
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Latest news
View the latest post The Cradle of Thorns released for Android
Posted by: xaaax » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:15 pm Forum: Otome Game News


“The Cradle of Thorns ~ My Brother Belongs to Me ~”
***A Suspense Novel based on the real story that shocked the world!***


Past the hills that stood miles away from the forest and the village…

There stands a mansion guarded by roses as though it wants to disappear from the world.

Two beautiful brothers live in an abandoned house secretively.

It was as though they want to shy away from people's eyes.

It was as though they care nothing about the world except for each other.


The time of bliss.

The sanctuary of bliss.

Now and forever more---

"Let’s stay together forever and ever, okay?"

For more information, visit Google Play

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View the latest post The Cinderella Contract released for Android & iOS
Posted by: xaaax » Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:25 am Forum: Otome Game News

“The Cinderella Contract”


Hot princes offer you marriage contracts...

A love story unfolds with each unique prince.

Which one will you choose in the end...?


You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client to a party filled with foreign socialites.

Wait, are those hot socialites also princes!?

These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you.

You let a prince escort you the rest of the evening, which passes like a dream.

Then, the next day...

You're about to fly back home, when you get caught up in an investigation!

Coming to your rescue is a prince from last night...!?

And what's more, he demands that you enter a contract marriage with him as thanks...

You can't turn down his command!

Will you find true love at the end of the aisle?

Or will you find...

For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes

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View the latest post Forbidden Love Triangle released for Android & iOS
Posted by: xaaax » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:02 am Forum: Otome Game News

“Forbidden Love Triangle”
***A Romance Novel for the mature audience***

You finally becomes the high school teacher that you always wanted to be.

Unfortunately, the president of the student council, Kazuki Monma, is always giving you a hard time in class.

Why is this 'President' constantly giving you a hard time? What does he have in store for you?

Fujii, who often offers advice to you, what exactly is he planning? Could there be ulterior motives?



Kazuki Monma - The president of the student council
Chiaki Fujii - The vice president of the student council and also Kazuki's best friend
Atsuya - Your ex-boyfriend

For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes

Views: 267  •  Comments: 2  •  Post a reply Top

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