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Who is your favorite male character from Dandelion?
1) Jisoo 39%  39%  [ 13 ]
2) Jihye 6%  6%  [ 2 ]
3) Jiwoo 18%  18%  [ 6 ]
4) Jiyeon 12%  12%  [ 4 ]
5) Jieun 6%  6%  [ 2 ]
6) Heejae 3%  3%  [ 1 ]
7) The Wizard 15%  15%  [ 5 ]
Total votes : 33 View topic
Who is your "Dreamy" guy?
Ichigo Sato 38%  38%  [ 45 ]
Haruki Tanemara 9%  9%  [ 10 ]
Takeshi Yuno 16%  16%  [ 19 ]
Johji Chakura 11%  11%  [ 13 ]
Ryuzo Hatta 18%  18%  [ 21 ]
Rihito Hatsune 8%  8%  [ 9 ]
Total votes : 117 View topic

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Animal Boyfriend Released for Android

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View the latest post Animal Boyfriend Released for Android
Posted by: kokoro-cafe » Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:33 am Forum: Otome Game News


Animal Boyfriend

As a Teacher, help a handsome Animal Student become a real human!
Dress him up, change his species, personality and looks!
You can also talk with him and enjoy exciting events together!
He can even become your perfect boyfriend!

Super popular Japanese simulation and dating game with over 1.4 million downloads is now available in English!

*Your Animal in handsome human form!
- 5 Normal and 2 Secret Species to choose from!
- Many personality types like "Cheeky", "Mysterious", "Tsundere" and more!
- Make him Study or Work!
- Change his Face, Hair and Clothes!
- Talk with him, go on dates and be lovey-dovey!
- Your Student can become your boyfriend!

*Have fun with other Users!
- Socialize with their Students!
- Recommend your clothes to their Animals!

*The fun never ends!
- Enjoy exciting events together with your Student!
- New clothes added very often!
- Fun features like Student's Graduation, Secret Species and More!

For more information, visit Google Play

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View the latest post Shall We Date?: Lost Island+ released for Android & iOS
Posted by: xaaax » Thu Jul 17, 2014 8:20 am Forum: Otome Game News


“Shall we date?: Lost Island+”
Zombies are roaming in an isolated island!?


New researcher (heroine) arrives at the beautiful island to do energy research.

Soon after that, a series of mysterious deaths occurs around her…

What she is going to witness is that unbelievable phenomenon of dead people...


◆ Advance the story with in-game missions.
◆ Multiple endings with your choices along the story.
◆ Enjoy decorating your avatar and room with fun items.
◆ Collect Shell (in-game coins) by logging in and through training games,
and challenge Slot that win you an item to advance the story and special avatar items.

For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes

Views: 289  •  Comments: 9  •  Post a reply Top

View the latest post Shall We Date?: Scarlet Fate released for iOS and Android
Posted by: Aiwethryne » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:20 pm Forum: Otome Game News


The paid version of Scarlet Fate has been released~!

“Shall we date?: Scarlet Fate”
—Fragments of the past—

Prologue: Free
Main story: USD $5.99(Estimated price)per character


Set against the backdrop of the Heian period (ca. AD 1000) in Japan...

In a sacred, snow-covered village is kept a sword with the power to bring the world to an end.

One young maiden of a shrine is fated to seal the Sword’s power and protect it: Princess Tamayori.

She has spent her days since childhood being tormented by her sins in loneliness and under the heavy burden of protecting the Sword so that its power would not be released.

...Until one night when she encounters a wounded god and her lonely life changes forever; she will face the end of the world with comrades willing to help her.

She fights to prevent the demise risking her own life, but she begins to waver between her resolve and her wish to live for the one that she loves...

Will there be a future for those who bear sins?

In this snow-fluttering world, the tale of the ancient Princess Tamayori unfolds.


For more information, visit Google Play or iTunes

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